Friday, May 21


At the Juicy Souls Retreat at Work of Heart on Sunday, Julie Valentine was one of our instructors. Julie is a very talented lady, and I thoroughly enjoyed looking at all of her creations. She has a website, The Red Dragonfly, where you can see her work too. (She's also my friend on Facebook.)

On Monday, Julie posted a challenge on her Facebook account. Red. That's all, just red. Find things that are red, create red.

For most of the week, I mulled over red. I kept seeing things, but nothing inspired me and spurred me into motion. Until yesterday. On Wednesday evening, I had been reading an art journaling workbook and the author suggested smooshing acrylics onto pages (which I spoke about yesterday.) She said a particular favorite of hers is turquoise and red. Really? It stuck in my head. I thought about it all day yesterday. On the way home, I stopped at a craft store and bought some red and some turquoise. I went home, changed clothes, and sat with "the beautiful journal." It fell open to 2 pages (Love how that works!), and I got the paint and went for it.

Now, let's back up to just before I left work. I had a conversation that I'm not repeating here or discussing, with someone at work, that kind of left me a bit angry. If you have an open door policy then you have it. If you don't, then you don't. But don't come back at someone who used the open door policy and say "I know you did this..." Whatever. TMI. Back to the subject. By the time I was at the table smooshing those colors together, I knew the page was "I saw red." By the time I printed the pieces to make the title, I knew I also needed "and I didn't say a thing." By the time it was dry, I had to add (in my own writing) (for once.)

Here is the page. It isn't done by any means, but I do think I'm starting to get the hang of this. By the time I finished, I felt better about yesterday. I think this is good. I also think it's far healthier than keeping it inside and mulling for days.

Later in the evening, while I was watching "Grey's Anatomy", I did the doodle below. I love to doodle, and I love coloring in my doodles with my markers.

I'm going to let these happen as they do and see where they go. I'm taking in so much new information on journaling, collaging, and doodling right now that I think it just has to escape somehow. :) AND THAT'S OK!