Thursday, May 20

Blue Paint

Last night after work I got my nails done. They were beautiful, a French manicure with pink and white tips. Steven and I went out for pizza (Josh is away this week, being a counselor at Camp Campbell Science Camp.). When we got home, I got out the pretty journal and sat fondling it for a bit, then went and got a couple of colors of blue acrylic paints (the kind in the bottles, you know, $1 a bottle). I had stopped at Barnes and Noble on the way home and bought a book on collaging/art journaling and read about a technique where you dump blobs of the paint on the page and then "moosh" it around with your hand. Yes, I did. Really. I need more colors. :) I think I have found something that's comfortable to do in order to get the ball rolling. I did 2 facing pages, and they are really pretty!

Today, I'm sitting here at my desk and all I can think about is getting home to those two pages and adding stuff to them! And that's fine, that's what is supposed to happen. However, as I'm editing some web pages, I glance down at my hands on the keyboard and see a streak of blue paint on one fingernail. I washed my hands, I showered, really I did. I'm thinking it was there to remind me that I have 2 yummy blue pages waiting to be worked on!

My mission for this weekend is to clear off the drafting table that lives in my studio, and to find the floor of the studio while I'm at it. I've been on the go so much that I have neglected things in there, and I've got stuff spread across the house. I need to get that under control so I can focus on this art journal and have a place to relax and enjoy working on it, surrounded by all of my "stuff."

I also read an online article about artist trading cards. I've stayed away from them because I just didn't understand them. Now I'm realizing that, much like the art journal, there isn't anything TO understand. You slap them together and they speak to you as you go. I believe I have had a breakthrough!

Lastly, I've decided I need a bucket list. This whole 50 thing has me thinking about all of the things I've always wanted to do and never done. It's time to make that bucket list before much more of my life flashes past! Go me. I think I could make that a continuing page in my art journal, no? Maybe instead of a simple list I can find images. hmmmm. Liking this idea. Glad I wrote it here.