Saturday, May 22


I came home last evening, got out my beautiful journal, let it fall open, and got out my paints. I used a very bright pink and a lime, and painted a couple of pages. I then took some plastic wrap, crumpled it, and worked the paint. It came out pretty cool. Almost marbled looking. I'll post more about it once I do something to it. I've also started looking through magazines, which is difficult because I always toss them as soon as I'm done. Now I'll need to rip 'em up before I toss 'em!

In other news, the boy is home from being a counselor at science camp, and had a blast. I think he learned some things about himself in the course of the week. He looked "different", more mature? as he got off the bus. I couldn't get a photo, too many people, unfortunately. (And I didn't want to look like "that" Mom... plus his friends were teasing him about how I parked my Mustang over 2 spots, telling him I didn't seem to drive very well. LOL ooops.)

~*  have an artsy kind of day *~