Saturday, May 29

catch up

I can't believe the entire week has gone by and I haven't had any time at all to get anything posted. I have been constantly "at it" in the evenings, creating, sketching, coloring, but I haven't had time to get photos taken to post, until now, so here goes!

First is a watercolor background that I did this morning. I love the hills around our home, and I wanted to try capture their essence to use as a page. I love how it turned out! I am finding that I really enjoy just playing with the watercolor set that I bought. I feel very "at peace" when I work with them, and, although my pictures aren't fabulous or amazing, they make me feel good, and that's what this whole process is all about!

Second is a collage that I did last weekend. A couple of years ago, when I decided that I wanted to start taking Graphic Design classes, I got a catalog from the Art Institute. Naturally, their classes were prohibitively expensive, so I never pursued them, but I also never got rid of the catalog. I stumbled on it last Saturday, and started this collage on the pink/lime pages I had created previously. I've named the photo vulnerable. In looking at it today, I see so much that I must have been feeling when I put it together. Naked, exposed, and yet, I threw glitter all over the pages, maybe symbolizing that it was still all new and shiny to me? Unsure,but I really REALLY love this one!

Next and last for today is "start." This one was on the light blue painted pages. It has some issues, because even though they had dried for a coupe of days, the pages got stuck together.... so there are some messy spots, but it's an interesting page to look at. On the left side page, I took a botanical print and did a backwards print, then peeled off the wrong side to expose the print. On the right, I took a bunch of torn images and phrases from magazines and glued them down. I also added a stamped and built image that I had created and had just sitting around....

This last was the first page I "dirtied" in my beautiful journal. I think it was some kind of "rite of passage" to admit that I was going to do this. Maybe some day I'll do something else to the page to make it more appealing. For now, it is a humorous reminder that I need to take my time. :) I only used distress ink pads for the background, and they were pink. I don't know why it came out so down and dirty! 

Am I learning anything? Yes. Am I finding this to be a good life tool? Definitely. Am I having fun? Seriously.

What have you done in YOUR art journal?