Thursday, June 3

I had high hopes.... True Lime/True Lemon/True Orange Product Review

About 10 years ago (wow), I gave up sugar. Lock, stock and barrel, I cut sugar out of our lives, along with all artificial sweeteners. We started using products like Agave Nectar (before it was the craze), Whey Low (available online), SomerSweet (great product by Suzanne Somers), and Stevia (use a single drop or it will be bitter).

Anyhow, we went on this way for about 7 years. Josh was basically raised "sugarless" and never missed it. Slowly, however, it crept back into our lives in various products. I'm still pretty vigilant about it, and always read labels and am constantly looking for products that reduce that sugar dependency. I was SO excited when I read about the "True" line of products. They were advertised as "100% Natural". I read all the info and ordered a sample box of each of the 3. They arrived earlier this week, and although they are fabulous in drinks, they contain "evaporated cane juice." Anyone who has grown up on the West coast has heard the C & H commercial from way back when "C & H, Pure Cane Sugar, from Hawaii, grown in the sun"... and knows that evaporated cane juice is SUGAR! Ugh. They say it is included as a "bulking agent" but it's the 2nd ingredient on the list, so I'm not so sure about it. The packet also says "0 sugars". As a former dietary expert who was paid to provide advice to people on a particular program (insert non-disclosure here, sorry!), I know that this means it contains up to 1/2 gram of sugar. It's probably not going to totally mess up one's withdrawals from the world of sugar, but, if a person decided to put this in their water all day long, thinking it was a great sugar free choice, by the end of the day, if they are like me and drink 100 ounces of water a day, they'd have had at least 2 teaspoons of sugar. :(

Ah well. Still seeking perfection, I guess. :)

I'll be back with updates on the art journaling on Saturday, probably. I've made progress, and I'm actually liking what I'm creating. The other evening, I was out of sorts, so I went into my studio, flopped open a page, and painted 2 backgrounds. Go me. I wish I could convince my bad self to do that every day. What I AM doing just about every day is getting out the sketch journal that lives next to my bed, and doodling while I watch tv. I've got some great stuff going on there. Love my fine black sharpie. I think I might have to go buy a box or 10 at Staples this weekend. :) Once I'm done, I'm using my Dick Blick Alcohol Ink markers or my Stampin' Up pencils and coloring my heart out. I am rediscovering my childhood coloring addiction. I spent DAYS coloring. I mean, NOTHING was better than getting one of those BIG THICK fat coloring books (that were like $1) and a new package of 64 Crayola (don't give me fake crayons!) crayons. Nothing. Honestly. Well, wait. The only thing better was when the teacher would give us a big huge sheet (how big were those anyhow?) of beige construction paper and let us do whatever we wanted with it. My favorite thing to do was scribble all over it with my black crayon (sensing a theme here?) and then fill in each little area in a different color. ayup. There's the beginning of my addiction to color. :)

~ make it a fabulous day! ~