Thursday, January 7

Welcome 2016!

Happy New Year! We are well into the new year, actually, a full week in, as of today. I'm back at work, after a relaxing 11 days off, and ready to face this year and all it has to share! 

First, food. I "gained" 4 pounds during all of the holidays. I'm fine with that, and focused on getting rid of it, and more. So far, I'm down 1.5 of that 4 already, so I feel confident that I am focused and back on track. I'm still gunning for that 30 lbs in 6 month goal, which is due by 4/21. I want to beat it, and I want to beat it good! I've been to the gym once so far, on Monday, and had a fabulous workout. I was supposed to go back yesterday, but we had a whole lot of rain and I chose home instead. Today I have an appointment, but tomorrow I should be back on track. 

Things are well with the new grandbaby. Abella is doing well, growing steadily, happy, noisy, and, as her doctor put it "very active." Yea, we noticed that, she's already trying to figure out how to roll over and has been holding her head up since she was 4 days old. Go figure.
She's pretty cute. Someday soon, I imagine she will decide that she can keep her eyes open for photos. LOL It was, in all honesty, a bit late for her when we finally got to taking this photo last night, but still! She also wasn't giving up the binky. I have a cute series with and without that I'll be able to scrapbook.

All in all, 2016 is off to a good start. Looking forward to a great year! More when I have a bit more time!