Wednesday, October 28


This morning at work, we had a company meeting. There was "breakfast" served before it started. I walked the line, looking at everything. There were 6 different kinds of bagels, 4 different flavors of cream cheese, 3 types of pastries, and 2 kinds of muffins. There were also 2 bowls of fruit salad. I served myself a small bowl of fruit salad and sat down for the meeting with my cup of green tea, and called it a win. Fast forward to lunch. A co-worker came over and asked me for a favor. Because I'm adjusting to a clean lifestyle again (maybe that should say "squeaky clean" for now), I asked if it could wait till after lunch. She said "oh just have a bagel and some cream cheese, that's what I'm gonna do." I said "No thanks, I don't eat that stuff, I'm GF and DF." She replied "Oh you poor thing, I feel so sorry for you." No joke, I was confused and said "why?" And she said "Well, all the good stuff, you can't eat any of the good stuff." I just looked at her and told her it was ok because I eat so many other good things that I truly don't miss gluten and dairy, plus I don't miss how they make me feel. She seemed satisfied with that answer, but it really made me think. All through lunch. It took me almost 45 minutes to eat my lunch. I had a huge salad with Greek olives, cucumber, red bell peppers, artichoke hearts (in water), topped with a cup of quinoa. I also had a spinach feta turkey burger. Do I feel deprived? Oh hell no! I could eat that meal every day of the week, for every meal! (and I could, actually!) It's fabulous, real, whole food. It is filling and delicious in flavor and texture, and and. You know, I could just keep going, right? So, don't feel sorry for me. I sure don't. I actually feel sorry for YOU if you are missing out on the goodness of whole, real, healthy foods and still eating from boxes and packages and eating tons of chemicals, sugar, gluten and dairy. I've made the move to better health, When will you join me? As a side note, I have not been tested for Celiac, but I can tell you that I am definitely carb sensitive. I have digestive issues every time I eat carbs. I also have huge dairy issues. This isn't a struggle, it's a relief.