Friday, January 17

yoga socks

Yoga socks. It sounded like a great idea at the time. Socks with toes, that are thin, with little grippy nubs all over the bottom, so that you don't slip. Sounds great, right? I thought so, and bought 3 pairs. Ok, it was on but still. It seemed like a great concept.

I recently moved out of the bedroom with my DDP Yoga and now do it in the living room where there is much more space. The problem is, the living room has laminate flooring, and the bedroom had carpet. So, it was a completely different experience on the laminate. It's a little slippery, and I'm not used to it. I've been there for about a month, I guess, and still finding it a tiny bit of a challenge, so when I saw the yoga socks, I thought it would solve my first world problem perfectly.

The day they came, they arrived just before my workout. I demolished the box, getting it open, then sat down and worked them onto my feet. Ok, it wasn't easy, stop laughing. My baby toes? Apparently, my feet are weird because my little pinky toe barely reaches into the sock's pinky toe opening.  I figured it out, made it work. Then I worked out. Hey, grippy feet. Wait. grippy feet. Hmmm. do I like this feeling? It felt weird. On the floor it was kind of okay but on the mat? weird. Also, it was still just not what I want. And! My feet got HOT! I was doing my workout in the middle of December and it was cold but I got really hot from the socks. 

Yoga socks. Maybe if you live someplace cold and you have cold feet, they are for you. But for me, I'm kind of finding they aren't the best choice. I will try them again, after all, they might just be better than barefoot, but mostly, what's really happening? I'm trying to avoid buying a pair of really expensive Vibram 5 fingers shoes, just in case I don't like them!