Saturday, December 21


Last night we flew to LA to celebrate Christmas. It actually was an arduous adventure. Lol usually, flying here is like driving a couple of hours, but last night it took us forever.

On the plane, it was late (after 10 pm already with a 45 minute flight in front of us and a half hour drive after). I decided to do my usual and drool all over the Skymall catalog.

What is it that makes that catalog so much fun? There's junk in there I would never dream of buying or wanting, but in a flight? I want all of it. Lol 

Having said that, I fell in love with a bracelet. Truly. I don't know how to get it.... I had Steven take a photo but he didn't capture any of the ordering info. Lol.
Isn't it great??? I love it. Maybe I will just do an art journal layout of the phrase. I love it. Really. :)

Having a beautiful visit so far. Much love and laughter.