Sunday, June 9

Blast from the Past

It's been a very long time since I had something I felt like blogging about, but, this weekend, I had an experience that pulled together much of what I've been learning over the past year or two and really struck home.

When I was 14, we moved to San Jose. I didn't know anyone on the first day of high school and met some girls through the day (several of whom I'm still friends on Facebook with!) and eventually met a girl named Lisa, who I think I had English with. Lisa and I lived in the same general area, except there was a huge orchard between us and a golf course if I went around the orchard. Through the orchard to meet Lisa took 10 minutes, around the orchard to school took much longer because it totaled 2.5 miles!  I wasn't allowed to go through the orchard unless I was with Lisa, so she either meet me in the middle or stand at the other side and watch for me. :)  (most of the time.)

Since high school, Lisa and I have kept in touch on and off. She married had kids, lived here in San Jose, then moved to Colorado. We exchanged Christmas cards, the years went by, then a couple of years ago, we connected on facebook. We have had several very long chats over the past couple of years, catching up, checking in, getting to know each other again. She lives in Oregon now, so not so close.

Well, Thursday, Lisa pinged me on FB out of the blue and asked what I was doing Saturday morning. I wasn't doing anything. She was coming down and would be at her parent's house (I haven't been in that house since I was 17!) and would I like to come by for a visit. I said yes!

Saturday was a gorgeous but very hot day. By the time I got there, it was already 80. As I was turning off the car, Lisa came flying out of the house. I was laughing because I had just passed the corner where we'd meet our other friend Lori and Lori hadn't been there! :)  As we approached the front door, Lisa's Mom opened it and said "Of course I remember you!" and wrapped me in the biggest most loving hug. It brings tears to my eyes right now just thinking about it. Lisa and I spent the next 3 hours sitting in the backyard, under an umbrella chatting. It was like we never left off. I realized, as we were talking, that, even at 14, Lisa SAW me. It was such an awesome feeling.  Somewhere around the second hour, Lisa's Dad came out and started teasing me. It was like I hadn't seen him in just a couple of days, not over 30 years. His hug was amazing as well. Gosh, I can't even begin to explain how this whole visit made me feel and what it meant.

When I left, it was about 1. I drove home and when my husband opened the door, I was bubbling over with excitement and telling him all about my morning and Lisa and well yea, everything. If you know me, it was like watching popcorn pop, words and hands flying! The day pretty much stayed like that.

Last night, I talked to a good friend on the phone, and found myself smiling again as I told her about the day. I realized as we were talking, that I was well and truly *happy.* My life is good. It is enough. It is mine, and I am blessed.  I don't know how many people who moved as much as I did have friends like Lisa, but I treasure her friendship, and will not forget how wonderful our visit was yesterday. We seriously chatted like high school kids!

I have to say, if I hadn't done all of the soul work that I've done over the past few years, with Brave Girls Club, I don't know that I would have realized how special yesterday was. I don't think I would have realized how blessed I am and how fortunate I am to have good friends who see me and love me as I am.  :)

Life is good.

Oh!!! So I ALWAYS take photos when I meet up with people. ALWAYS. Yesterday? Totally forgot. Took a picture of a cool cactus flower on the table but nothing of us. Go. figure. <3 p="">