Thursday, March 3

She Art.Wednesday

I went home last night, after spending a delightful hour or so with my friend Helen, and I created another background! I had prepared a canvas on Tuesday night by Mod Podging it with pattern pieces, so it was all ready to be painted and messed up. :) I LOVE messing up canvas now!
I got out some acrylic inks that I bought last year when I took the art journaling class at A Work of Heart, and I squirted a bit of turquoise onto the canvas and mooshed it with a brush (that's technical talk, in case you wondered!), then I added some pink acrylic paint. Its not a baby pink, it's more like flamingo or salmon pink almost. Bright and bold. Then I scraped some off. I want to see the pattern piece printing through the paint. I bopped around, using different texture techniques, and different "tools" like the back of a Starbucks cup warmer, and eventually, I came to what you see here.

I am really happy with it. I think I need to do something on the lower right corner, because that line is too sharp, but that's okay, I can play more! No rules means it is finished when I finish. I am LOVING the liberation of creating. Finally, I seem to be understanding the "no rules" part, and I am doing more of letting myself create for the sake of creating.

I bought a package of TEN 8x10 canvases on the way home the other night. I am so excited to have that much open space for creating!!

Make it a great Thursday, do something creative and fun!