Wednesday, March 2

First Girl - The She Art Workshop

First Girl
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I mentioned previously that I'm taking Christy Tomlinson's She Art Workshop. It finally started on Monday!!!! I spent Monday and a couple of hours on Tuesday watching videos and then gathering a few more supplies. Finally, I sat down last night and I inked, painted, rubon'ed, mod podged, and textured this canvas. It is by no means done. I'm really not happy with the way my background kind of "morphed" on me and turned her face a bit green, so I'll be working on her some more this evening, and her dress looks a little crooked and stuff, but to be honest, she's mine, and she truly is reflective of me! I'm not perfect, and neither is she!!! I already know what she is called, but I'll save that as a surprise for when I add the words!

I am so loving this class. If you have any interest in being creative, I strongly recommend it. Christy is offering it again in April, You can find out more at Scarlet Lime. (I'm blogging from flickr, so I can't add a link. It's

Make it a great Wednesday! I hope it goes fast so I can go home and get all painty again. (I was just in a meeting and looked down to see my right ring fingernail still sporting bits of white paint. LOL!