Tuesday, March 1

How can it already be March?

January and February didn't just fly by, they flew by at supersonic speed. I think it was because of the Soul Restoration class I took from Melody Ross. You know, the one I've been talking about nonstop. Yup.

It is over, sadly, but I have learned what I learned and it is Oh. so. amazing. If you are a woman, you need to take this class. Do it for yourself. Do it for those who love you. Do it for those you love. You will learn more about yourself by taking this class than you could learn in 100 therapy sessions. Truly. And it's all gentle and friendly because you let go and create with your hands, which frees your mind to focus on the true issues and true things you need to resolve. It was probably right up there as one of the most amazing things I have ever experienced. Right up there with visiting a Monarch butterfly migration area and seeing 5,000 or more butterflies. Right up there with the birth of my son. Yup. Truly. Take it. You'll be glad you did!

Although the class ended a week ago, Melody decided to throw in an extra week of curriculum for us. It was closure. What to do now that class is over, and what to do to keep growing until Soul Restoration 2 starts in June. Yea! Lovin' it! I did a couple of pages as a result, so I thought I would share. Since I had already filled in all of the pages in my album, I decided to add an acrylic page and fill it in front and back, instead.

On the front page, I used one of the graphics from the class, and then I added a little battenberg lace flower corsage that I have been carrying around for about 15 years. I guess at this point, it's vintage! I bought it at a Pacific International Quilt Festival and I've hung onto it for all this time, as I planned to put it on a baseball cap. See how well that's worked? Well, when you work on an acrylic page, it's clear. It's not easy. You can't just do whatever you want, flip it over and do whatever you want! You have to pay attention. Therefore, before I stuck anything down, I decided what the back of the page was going to look like. Here it is. I LOVE LOVE LOVE how this page turned out!!! Did I mention that I love it? Yea, I do. So, a few months back, I watched a tutorial on making flowers from a strip of silk. I made a few, then put the stuff away. Well, this past weekend, for this page, which is very important to me, I decided to make a flower. This is MY flower! I made it!! It was fun and I added a bit of tulle underneath it to add a bit more depth. Notice you can see the leaves from the battenberg piece on the other side through the acrylic. I like how it looks. I also added a strip of the satin on the right behind the circle. Very pleased, and now my soul album is complete. I'm a happy girl!

Now that Soul Restoration 1 is done, (and you can sign up for it by going to Brave Girls Club, it will be offered again in April), I've signed up for an art class with Christy Tomlinson called The She Art Workshop. It started yesterday. I'm having a blast, but so far, I don't have anything to show. It's a 3 week class, and I've watched this week's videos, but not much else done. I'll try to be better about posting what I'm doing as I go. Tonight I plan to work on things and get tons done!

Take care and make it a wonderful day.