Friday, February 11

A Girl and Her Art Journal

So, that's my art journal. can you believe how thick it is?? And that's with me trying to not go too crazy on adding thick things. I had it out last night and was thumbing through it. I LOVE my journal!!! I can see so much growth, in me and in my technique, in the year that I've been keeping it!

The page on the right that says "peace" is part of my Soul Restoration work (Content has been blocked, things you don't need to know! :) ). I've been doing a lot of work in my journal as part of this class. In fact, I've almost filled the journal, which is something I NEVER would have believed I would do! To be honest, the empty journal was a little daunting to me, because there was so much space and so much opportunity.
Here's part of another page for Soul Restoration. The title of this one is 'Do my actions fit my heart". This was a phrase in one of the class lectures, and it really struck a chord with me, so I doodled it onto a page, and later I came back and journaled, and then watercolored all over the page. If you saw the whole page (which you can't, because the journaling is kind of private!), you'd see that I watercolored a silly yellow flower in the center of the page. I'm having SO MUCH FUN doing stuff like this. Really. Who knew I would love this so much!

This journal is really special to me. I found it at University Art, and it was handmade. It's called a Punjabi Watercolor Journal, and is made by hand in India. I love it. I love the feel of the pages, and the deckle edging and the stitching in the center! It was ridiculously expensive, I thought. I think I pade $45 for it. Now, I'm glad I did, and I'm even happier that I went back and bought another one, so I'm ready to go when this one is full! :)

Make it a great day and craft something this weekend! I'll be at a scrapbook crop with the girls, giving a very brief workshop on collaging. Yay! So excited to share!