Friday, March 4

First canvas completed...

Last night, on my way home, I stopped and bought a few $1 stamps, and some other little things, to add to my growing collection of embellishments for art canvas projects. When I got home, I had dinner, then sat down for about an hour and finished up the canvas that I posted earlier in the week. At first, I thought it was going to say Dream Big, but then I realized it went deeper than that. This canvas represents me letting my "little girl" out to create art in an uninhibited and unstructured way. I'm letting the inner artist take over and create. It is the coolest thing, but holy cow can you lose track of time. I've done a lot of crafting, but none has taken me this deep within myself, that I remember.  Anyhow, there is a ton of symbolism on the canvas, including a winged heart, a bird freed from a cage, tons of flowers, and way more. I purposely let the text on her face show through a bit, because it is actually words from a hymn book, about love. The legs are from the same page, but show musical notes.

I shared the canvas on flickr with the group taking the class, and it is fascinating how different things leap out at different people. Probably the most interesting thing about this canvas is the background. I did the background using a product called Radiant Pearls. I should have known they would do what they did, but I just didn't. They are water soluable. Therefore, when I had the canvas sprayed to where I liked it, I applied Mod Podge. Now, if you have ever worked with MP, you know that it is very thick. When it met with the Radiant Pearls, everything started to slowly change. It was really like watching something in slow motion! I called it morphing, because you could see what was happening and kind of figure out where it was going. Fortunately, I had a paper towel (ok, I had 2) handy and I started blotting as fast as I could before I lost my beautiful background. LOL In the end, it all worked out, and I know now that, should one want to use a water soluable product, that is fine, but you have to do the extra step of spraying mat fixative over it before you move on to the next step. :) Love learning on the fly. So, if you want a background that morphs... oh, never mind, you probably don't, and there are probably easier ways, but it's certainly pretty, and I wasn't bored doing it! LOL

-Make it a great Friday and have a wonderful weekend!!! Oh, pop back tomorrow because even though I am not officially IN the bloghop that was started by a few ladies from the Soul Restoration class that I recently took (long story), I will have a post up about my experience.