Thursday, January 20

Just checkin' in...

Nothing really to post about, other than Soul Restoration continues to be intense and that I'm learning so much and putting so many things away in my head and in my heart. Wow. It's like this gigantic roller coaster, and there are times when my knuckles are just so white I think I can't hold on any tighter, and then, there are other times when I would think my knuckles would be white and I'm letting go. Yea. That's the whole key, isn't it?

Love my life. My precious life. It's good.

On a completely different topic, driving to work this morning, I kept being distracted by the moon. It was SO beautiful! This happened yesterday too, but by the time I got to work, the moon had gone to bed. Today, I was just that few minutes early enough so I took this with my Hipstamatic application on my iPhone. I love the way the photos look watercolor-y and surreal. These pine trees (probably not pines, sorry, no offense intended to the trees or the residents of Palo Alto, since these trees are the mascot of Stanford!) are soo very cool. I love them!

Go forth and have a fabulous day! :)