Monday, January 3

First Monday of the new year...

And I'm back at my desk, wondering where it all went.

I was thinking yesterday. In January, I am always a little melancholy. I've always attributed it to the shorter days, but maybe it is really because Christmas and all of the over stimulation is over so fast. I know for us, I decided to take time and take down the decorations and trees over the weekend so that I wouldn't have to do it after I went back to work. This cuts into vacation a bit, but it is sure nice not worrying about that, now that I've slammed back into the cold, hard reality of work. (I know, right? You would think I was a coal miner or something!) It was pretty harsh waking up this morning. For some dumb reasons, the dogs got up at 4:30, so I was awake then, instead of my usual 5:15, which is bad enough.

Enough whining. It's all good. The year is under way, there are goals to be met, fun times to be had, and a life to be lived with much gusto and fun. :)

I have to go back to my goals that I posted yesterday. There was one more that I thought of. Of course, now I can't remember what it was. Hmmmm. Maybe later.

~make it a fantastic Monday!