Saturday, December 4

Flash Mob... really!

I've been seeing a lot about flash mobs lately, either with a song or a dance. I never expected to "be" at one, but today we had the opportunity to see one. We got a tip yesterday from a friend, so Helen, her daughter Janelle, and I decided to head to Santana Row and see if it was real. We had coffee and pastries first, as any good group of ladies up to mischief have to, and then we settled "by the artichoke fountain" (really not much of an artichoke, it's the fountain in front of Maggiano's) and waited. We were told to be there at 11, but in reality it started at 12.

It was really fun. They did a routine to the song "Jump." While it wasn't as huge as some of the ones I've seen on Youtube, it was there, and it happened. Right behind us were two ladies who were sitting on a low wall drinking coffee and chatting. When it started, one said to the other "What's going on? I think it might be one of those flash mob dances, how cool would that be?" And it was.

We were very blessed not to be rained on, as it sprinkled once in a while as we waited.

The decorations at Santana Row, as usual, were amazingly beautiful. I had a lot of fun taking photos all over the place as we walked around.

-Love a day full of fun, coffee and pastries! (Oh yes, and we had lunch at an Irish Pub before we came home, too!) This will be one of the pages in today's JYC. I'll be back with more!
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