Sunday, December 5

JYC 2010 - TItle Page & more

Last night, I started to think about my title page. I kind of knew what I wanted, but decided it was a bit too late to start. This morning, I woke up early and knew exactly how I wanted to make my title page.

I used Teresa Collins papers, (as well as the word Christmas), some old typewriter type stickers for Journal, and some epoxy stickers for the year. I hand wrote "your" on little triangles of Bazzill bling, and used a pen to edge the bits in red, then added a rhinestone to the bottom of each bit of the banner.

The entire page is only 5 x 7, and there is a lot of dimension to it, as I used a lot of pop dots on various parts.

I LOVE my title page. Love it! It is so much fun when you work on a project like this and it comes together smoothly.

Today, Steven and I are heading out Christmas shopping, to Costco, and to Whole Foods. I'll have to be sure to bring my iphone, because I am having WAY too much fun taking snaps of various holiday things that will eventually end up somewhere in my journal!

Part of the reason it got too late last night was that I downloaded Picasa. I'm impressed with it, so far! Not only can I upload my photos and share them, but once I upload a photo, it's a single click and I'm here, on my blog, creating a post. Gotta love that! Again, it's fun when things work as they are supposed to work.

Here's are the other 2 pages I did today. They are for yesterday, which was about peace and the perfect Christmas. I didn't so much do that, and I'm fine with what I did. LOL

~Enjoy your Sunday!
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