Friday, December 3

December 3 - JYC

How is it possible to get behind by December 3rd? Really? Well, I guess that is my welcome to the holidays. Today I'm supposed to journal about my Christmas cards. I haven't done the page yet (tomorrow I'm spending time with my friend Helen and will do the weather page and this one and whatever tomorrow's page is) but I can certainly do the journaling.

This year, I started really early on my Christmas cards! In July, I had an idea in my head of what I wanted for this year. I found papers, conferred with Steven to get his agreement, and bought all of the paper, HUGELY on sale! I put everything aside, because I was going on a Give Me Time retreat in September, where I planned to make and complete all of my cards. And I did! By mid day on Saturday, I had a completed stack of beautiful cards.

For the next step, our Christmas photo. A friend took a couple of photos, on Thanksgiving. Neither was too good, but I'll have to use one of these this year. Next year, I think I'll set up my own photo shoot, much earlier, so I can get that part done. Lesson learned. Anyhow, I've got the photo open in Photoshop and all cropped. I just need to print them out and attach them to the cards, make my address labels, and send off our beautiful cards.

Editing to add the page. I've now decided not to include a family photo, as I just don't like the one good one.

~ Putting the magic back in Christmas, one day at a time!