Friday, October 15

I needed it, really...

At work, I carry around a spiral notebook, all the time. I used to use a Franklin Planner, but then I moved to digital, and all of my appointments are on my iphone. I mean, ALL of my appointments, so the planner fell by the wayside. I used composition notebooks for a while, but those were wonky, because I'm left-handed, so I went back to the spiral notebooks. Very unsexy but very utilitarian and practical.

Then I met "it."

A couple of weeks ago, I had a meeting with my director. He had this notebook, and I thought, "Ok, some notebook thing he found. Just different. Whatever." Then, as I watched, he opened it up and found a page, pulled it out and moved it to another area and stuck it back in. Wait, what? I just watched while he moved a couple other things. He looked up because I had apparently stopped talking, and started to laugh. "I got it from Levenger, it's called a Circa, and everyone reacts like that to it." I'm telling you, it was the coolest thing ever! (it's really a "disk" notebook, which I guess isn't so amazing, but I thought it was rather cool and much better than the 3 ring binder solution!)

As soon as my meeting was over with him, I raced back to my desk and immediately looked it up on the Levenger site. (I try to stay far, far away from Levenger, I *heart* them, in a big way. But, this day, I went and I drooled. I didn't buy though. Not sure why. I guess I wanted to be sure I really wanted it? Nice sentence, huh? It's a blog, get over it. :)

Well, this morning, roughly 2 weeks after the meeting, I decided I MUST HAVE THE CIRCA. I just ordered this kit. It's a great starter kit, with most of the pieces one could possibly need to get going. It's $40, ($9 shipping unless you spend over $100- and no I didn't!), but it comes with a $40 Levenger gift card. You need a special hole punch to use this system, but I figure I can wait and get that with the gift card, right? I'm SO excited. SO very excited. I wish there was a Levenger store nearby, so I could just go buy one right away without waiting, but I'll survive, I suppose. I have enough work for 3 people right now, (which is great!), so that should keep me out of trouble, but OH MY, it's going to be glorious. I think you can customize the cover, I hope, since mine should be pink, don't you think?

Did someone say pink? Melody Ross, one of my life heroes, has this pair of worn out green cowboy boots that she says inspire her. Every time I see them, I have dreams of a similar pair in pink. Last night, for some reason, I went online and looked for some pink cowboy boots. I found these at Shepler's. I think they are fabulous. I didn't buy them, I'm trying to figure out how to tell Steven how much I need them, and how to justify putting them on my Christmas list. They are rather frivolous, I guess. I don't ride anymore, and the color is oh so practical. (They have a pair in a raspberry that are gorgeous as well... Hmmmm. I guess either would be fine. lol) But, they make me smile.

In other news, I just might do nanowrimo this year (National Novel Writing Month). Work will be crazy for the first half of it, but I have a full week off for Thanksgiving, so it might work okay. I am trying to decide what to write. In 2007, I "won", by writing 56,000 words. I finished on Thanksgiving day. It was amazing. For the next 2 years, I was not in a place, emotionally, where I could write, too much energy was going out on just surviving, but this year I might just pull it off.

Okay, so I'm writing this long entry to avoid the editing that is knocking on my door. Time to get to it.

~Make it a great day!