Thursday, October 14

Almost Friday...

Ahhhh, can you see it? That's Friday, just over the horizon there. Yea.... Love Fridays. A day to finish up projects, clear off my desk, and get ready for the weekend!

Work today was SO productive! I got back some fabulous edits on a large book I wrote over the past week and a half. I was giggling as I input some of them. It's pretty obvious that I was writing at light speed because some of the sentences were just.... well, let's say they weren't me. "The process is to process..." say what? LOL Fortunately, the person who edited understood, I hope!

Fun stuff this weekend. Friday night will a relaxing night at home, with no reason to race to bed, maybe race there to read... hmmmm. Saturday I'm off with the girls, scrapbooking at our once a month all day crop. I'm excited. I still need to pack my stuff up, but I'm going to do the 50th birthday scrapbook. Go me! I can't wait.

Sunday will probably be stuff around the house, plus washing my adorable Mustang, and whatever else comes our way. The weather is supposed to finally cool off, so that will be refreshing.

Not much else going on. Down 16.5 lbs on Nutrisystem. Thrilled with the program! That makes 30 for this year. Go me. Starting to get to where my clothes either fit or fall off. Darn it!

~Have a great day. I will post Monterey photos this weekend from my little day trip 2 weekends ago. They are processed and ready, I'm just a bit too tired tonight!