Wednesday, October 20

have you heard of this stuff?

The UPS man visited my house today, over and over and over. :) I got THREE packages! All today! So exciting. One was a scrapbooking thing that I ordered and forgot about, so that was cool. One was the 7 frozen lunches (packed in dry ice!) that I ordered from Nutrisystem (btw, I'm down 18 lbs!), and the third was a product called PB2. It is from Bell Plantation, and it is peanut butter only minus most of the fat. It is the COOLEST stuff! It comes in regular and chocolate. You have to go look! I mixed a teaspoon full in a bit of fat free cool whip to have with my apple, and thought I had died and gone to heaven! YUM!! Now I have to figure out other things to use it in. I'm sure that won't be a problem!

All else is going well. Just really super crazy busy. Saturday's scrapbooking adventure was fabulous. I had a blast. Wonderfully perfect day.

Have to go. Too tired to type more, been spending way way too much face time with the computer at work.

~ Make it a great day!