Thursday, September 2

Day 1 is over and successful

Nutrisystem rocks. Can I just say that? It was easy. Not a bad day at all. Around 11:15, I felt a little whiny because I was hungry, but I ate lunch around 11:45 and it was all good. The food? Yea, it's edible. Not the very best thing I've ever eaten, but it is far from being the worst, and it serves a purpose, right?

I took a photo of my breakfast yesterday, but since I apparently do not have my cell phone with me today, that will have to wait. Nice start to today, huh? LOL I just realized it, too.

So, I'm taking a little online inspiration class called Learn Something New Every Day. I tried to take it last year, but I just couldn't find enough time. This year, I'm going to try to blog it and maybe catch up later, not sure.

Yesterday I learned that I can totally do this. I learned that food doesn't have to control me, and I feel great. I even went to the gym yesterday! Did my 30 minutes. :)

~Make it a great day!