Tuesday, August 31

August 31st

It's August 31st. I'll be 50 in 4 days. Gulp. Lots of updates since my last post over a month ago. Life has been really busy.

August 10th - Celebrated our 19th anniversary. Quietly, but totally enjoyed special time with my special guy.

August 12th - Josh climbed Half Dome, I stayed at work and worried all day. :) He made it, it was amazing, and I'm so proud of him!

August 13th, Josh and I flew to Rhode Island. We had a fantastic week. Visited with family I hadn't seen in 20 years, some longer, cried with aunts who are now grandma's and way older than they are in my head, Josh kayaked and swam in the Atlantic, and had a great time enjoying New England specialities like Maine lobster, coffee milk, and coffee cabinets (milkshakes). He pass on the fried clams and clamcakes, but he did eat raw clams (ew). We visited all over the state, and half of Massachusetts before heading home on August 21st, tired and happy to be home with Steven.

August 23rd - Josh started his senior year of high school. We picked up his senior photos and got those ordered as well. hard to see my baby boy so grown up, but I'm so proud of him!

August 25th - Steven turned 48. Happy Birthday honey! We celebrated a couple of days late, as he was out a bit later than I anticipated (don't know what I was thinking), having a drink with guys from work. We all had dinner at BJ's Brewery to celebrate. :)

So that's about it. My invisaligns are about done. I'm in the process of working through the new crowns for my upper front teeth... not having much fun there, but once it's over, my smile will be beautiful, I'm sure!

~take care and take time.~