Monday, January 12

Day 12 of 2015, Checkin' in...

Today is the 12th day of a brand new year. I'm happy to say that so far this year, I have worked out 9 of the 11 days! (Not counting today, because it's early in the day yet and I haven't hit my mat or met my step goals.)

My eating is back under control after the holidays and I'm walking as much as possible every day.  I gained about 5 pounds between Thanksgiving and January 1. I'm fine with that. I lived my life, I visited family I don't see very often, and I attended several holiday parties. I can own those 5 pounds, and they won't stay, because I'm already working on them!

As many know, back in early November, I sprained my wrist. It was a bad sprain. I am not really sure how I did it, all I know is that the minute I tried to put ANY weight on my left wrist, I was in a lot of pain. The kind of pain you don't ignore. The chiropractor adjusted and adjusted and adjusted, but it just wasn't responding. Finally, in mid-December, I bought myself an incredibrace, and honestly? Within 5 days, my wrist started responding. During that time, I took some vacation from work, so I wasn't typing as much, and I also did a bit of travel, taking a short break from doing DDP Yoga (about 4 days.) In the time before and since the 4 days off, however, I've been focused in on modifying whatever I needed to and getting my workouts in. Here's where I'm at, right now. (I use a program called which tracks active days. Active days are any day where you get more than 45 minutes of physical activity.) Out of the last 30 days, spanning from 12/11 to 1/11, I clocked 21/30 as "active days." I will take it!

Working with my accountability partner, Mark Furniss, I have started using the schedule in the DDP yoga manual, again, as of January 4, the official end of vacation. Last week, I followed the Advance schedule, week 5, with the exception on Diamond Cutter, which got left out on purpose. I realized that if I made the week start on Sunday instead of Monday, I could have Friday and Saturday off. This works MUCH better for me as Friday night is date night in our home, and I LOVE a long workout on a Sunday morning! So, I purposefully skipped Diamond Cutter on Friday, and started out the week with a Sunday morning Diamond Cutter! It was an awesome first Diamond Cutter in 2015, and a first DC since October. There were modifications and adjustments, but who cares, I still burned over 400 calories and I had fun doing it! That's what matters.

This week will be:
Sunday: Diamond Cutter
Monday: Fat Burner/Red Hot Core
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: Below the Belt
Thursday: Stand Up, Red Hot Core
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Rest

On the weight loss front, as I admitted at the beginning, I'm up about 5 pounds, but I'm not sweating it. My clothing is still getting looser and looser, and I'm clearly losing and seeing more muscle definition everywhere!

I am so very happy right now. So happy with my loss, my progress, my workouts. Just happy. And incredibly grateful for so much. It's a wonderful way to start the new year, feeling happy and grateful. I hope you are enjoying your journey as much as I'm enjoying mine, or at least are finding the good things, to offset some of the bad. :) Let's work to make 2015 a year of awesome and amazing.