Monday, August 11

DDP Yoga Update and a Bit about Labels

First, a quick update. Last Wednesday when I was on the radio show , I was at 270. As of this morning, even with a weekend away, too much champagne, (but sticking to my food!) I’m at 268. Change is good. Here’s a graph showing my loss over the past 90 days and why I have reached out.  
No one should lose that slowly! LOL We will see how it goes and what I need to shake up next!

So let’s talk about labels. Labels on food. They are there, they are filled with lies and crap and you need to know how to wade through the crap to find out the truth.
First off, this mostly applies to the US as other countries have different guidelines for labels. We are, unfortunately, provided with marketing crap and not a lot of good stuff. Why? Well, one, because we tolerate it, and two, because people buy crap and like it!
For instance, my friend Kristin bought this milk. She said it reads lactose free so it’s ok for dairy free, right?

Look at it. Technically, yes it’s okay for dairy free, but what the heck is “lactase enzyme” ?
When you buy food, read the INGREDIENTS. I often don’t even bother with the nutrition panel because it doesn’t tell me what is IN the product. I want to know what is used to make the product, I don’t want all that gobbledygook!!
Here’s another example. For the past 6 months, I have leaned on KIND bars as a crutch. A way to avoid the candy machine. A few weeks ago, I stopped. About 10 months ago, I had some protein bars in the my drawer and shared a photo of one with my accountability partner. He replied, “nice candy bar.” I was shocked to instantly realize he was right. It was a candy bar. Then, I got lulled into KIND bars. They are whole nuts, you can see the nuts!!! Yum!!! And so good. Gooey and chewy and…. Wait. Stop. Hold on. Read the ingredients. Here it is:

The cold, hard facts, for me, at least, these are not dairy free (milk powder), and they contain honey AND sugar AND glucose (yes, that’s SUGAR!). Holy moly. Good bye  sweet KIND bar, see ya when I want candy. ;)
Please understand, these are MY truths. For ME, where *I* am in my journey, these products don’t fit. They contain too much added sugar. 5 grams doesn’t seem like a lot, but considering the 15 grams of fat (mostly good fat) but way too much sugar for this girl!
I really encourage you to read labels. Read the ingredients, don’t read the nutrition panel, at least not until you have read the ingredients and know what you’re getting into!
One last tip, a tip that I learned a really long time ago, from a brilliant food combiner. When you go shopping, if you stick to the outer perimeter of the store, you will probably find every single thing you need to eat healthy, whole real food. Honest. Try it sometime! (I will say that the Nob Hill in my area obviously knows this because they put hot fudge right with the ice cream, cheaters!) J
Make it a great day!