Monday, July 14

Costco Gems for PlantStrong DDP Yoga

I was thinking about all the foods I find at Costco that are organic, plant based and healthy and realized it was probably a great idea for a blog post. If you don’t have a Costco, I’m really sorry, but you might check out Sam’s Club—I do not have a Sam’s Club so I’m unable to provide comparisons.
This will be in no particular order, but I’ll try to keep it simple.

I hit this area really hard. I try to get as much as I can. I also DO waste a bit, sometimes, but I’m working on getting better at that. It still comes up to a savings, even if I waste a bit.
Baby Romaine Lettuce
Chopped Romaine
Mixed greens (sometimes, not my favorite!)
Red Bell Peppers
Baby Peppers
Hearts of Celery
Cauliflower (sometimes)
Corn on the cob
A huge bag of mixed baby Kale, baby chard, and baby spinach (green juice base!)
English cucumbers (don’t buy the babies, they go bad MUCH too fast!)
Baby Portabella mushrooms (a big container, I use some in salads and add a ton to marinara sauce to up the veggies!)
Zucchini – sometimes they have it, sometimes they don’t. hit or miss
fresh fruit – I don’t always buy this, because frankly, the Costco fruit seems to go bad fast for me. If I see a good deal on berries, I might buy them, because I can use those fairly quickly, but I don’t eat tons of fruit so not always a wise buy.
Grocery Items
Costco has recently added a ton of organic things, many of which I really like, so its an adventure to determine what I want. You do have to be careful, because just because something is organic doesn’t mean it’s healthy! (Like the 10 different kinds of snack chips!)
Brown Rice, in bowls (I eat one of these for breakfast!)
Quinoa in a huge bag
Qia cereal (this stuff is awesome sprinkled over anything or by itself!)
Quinoa and Brown Rice with Garlic (I think that’s the name. they are precooked microwavable bags, so handy!)
Orgain Organic Chocolate Protein Powder  (Plant based protein powder, and SO amazingly delicious!
Almond Milk (shelf stable!)
Nuts – raw almonds mostly, but sometimes I’ll get sprouted pumpkin seeds or sprouted sunflower seeds
Rickland Farm Trail Mix – I keep this stuff in my desk and dole out a ¼ cup portion on days when I just need a little snack. I’ve also been known to throw a bit onto my salad!
If you like cereals, there are several that are super good like the Cherries and Berries or Indigo Morning, both are decent choices.
Brown Rice (bags! I think I’ve even seen Brown Basmati)
Beans (Garbanzo, black, kidney-cans or bags, but the bags are humongous!)
Nut Butter – check, because I have seen both almond butter and peanut butter without extra ingredients)
Coconut Oil (I don’t use a lot but it’s nice to have and the price is amazing)

Refrigerated Foods
So, there’s not a lot I get here, and some of these things I don’t always buy, but there are some that are staples.
Silk Almond Milk (we all drink it, no more cow milk in our house)
Hummus (there’s this 3 pack of hummus that is SO good!)

Frozen Foods
Berries (strawberries, mixed berries, blueberries-for smoothies)
Pineapple (I use this in my kale smoothie to make it better)
Veggies (mixed veggies, good to have on hand to toss into brown rice for extra veggies)
Veggie burgers  (I love the Don Lee Farms, and Costco often has those. Sometimes they have meatballs too. As an aside, my favorite way to eat them is slathered with Grey Poupon, I swear it tastes like a corn dog!)

I guess this is a pretty long list! I’m sure there are other items of interest at Costco, but these are my “go to” items at the moment.