Friday, March 7

DDP Yoga and Traveling, No excuses!

I'm currently on a 4 day trip to Carmel. It's a scrapbooking retreat at a beautiful hotel in a beautiful town. I drove down yesterday, in a grand adventure, that's a whole other story! :)

As you know I do DDP Yoga, and have since June of 2013. I'm pretty religious about it, but one would think that, since I'm on retreat, I would not have brought my yoga mat, right? Wrong. I brought it, and I brought my laptop, and have my workouts. I've already hit my mat this morning, as I did WakeUp as soon as I woke up. I'm about to go and do a quick Energy before I go to join my group, and later today I'll do something else, I think.

I find that it's pretty easy to bring the mat, and keep consistent, and I find that the benefits are awesome. Staying flexible and limber even by doing a small workout like Energy or Fat Burner on a trip like this keeps me in the game and going strong. I love this program, it really has changed my life. If you're curious about it, click on the link to the right, and check it out. :)

I'll be back later. I'll try to take a few photos around here, it's a gorgeous day, no fog, blue sky and sunshine. And my room has this HUGE open area where I've set up my mat. Wooot!

-Life is good. Own It.