Friday, March 14

DDP Yoga and Accountability

I've been doing DDP Yoga since June of 2013. For the first couple of months, I relied on support strictly from the chatroom, which is amazing, by the way, and a MUST visit often if you are doing the program. But, although I was committed, I was on my own, a little fish in a huge ocean of workouts and movements that were unfamiliar.

At some point in August, Mark Furniss reached out to me and said "I think you need an accountability partner, don't you?" I kind of hesitated, because, to be honest, Mark is usually in "beast mode" with his workouts, and he has had incredible progress. But, because I knew he was right, I said yes. I am here to tell you, it was a great decision.
Why do you need an accountability partner and what do they "do"?  Anyone who has ever done a home based program, be it a way of eating or an exercise program knows that, after a while, it's like being in a plastic bubble or a vacuum. Sure, you go through the moves, but there's no one to turn to when you falter on a move, need advice on form, need a bit of encouragement, or need a kick in the ass. (Yes, there, I said it, and we both know it's true!) Now, don't get me wrong, an accountability partner can't *make* you do your workout, but, they can encourage you and remind you that you always feel better after your workout, making it something you then WANT to do rather than something you think you NEED to do. Needing to do something isn't fun. Wanting to do it is fun. Right? (you know I'm right, just admit it.) Mark has told me so many times, "Darlin' if that workout isn't fun why are you doing it?" At first, I was kind of put off by that, thinking it wasn't the most supportive of comments, but as time has passed, I've realized he's right. There's something about DDP Yoga that is FUN. For me, it's trying to get my body to do things that it says "Um, no, I don't think so." to. It's about learning to control my breathing and watching the muscles transform and become strong. This morning I did Red Hot Core. It's about 12 minutes of agony ab work. Twelve minutes is short, right? Yea. Right. Well, this morning about minutes in, Dallas was talking about putting your hands by your sides, and instead I put my hands on my abs. I don't know why, I just did. I did a crunch with them there and I literally stopped in my tracks. I wish you could feel the rock hard abs I have going on underneath the layer of fat that is slowly melting away. Wow! I was floored and thrilled. I can't wait to tell Mark later. :) (and anyone else on the planet who will sit still long enough to listen!)

There are other kinds of accountability as well. The Team DDP Yoga site is a great example. You can go there and post in a forum and get almost instantaneous help, OR, you can visit the chat room and meet other people just like you and get great support and help. I am a regular, so you might see me there! I have some friends in there who help keep me accountable as well. For instance, there is one fellow yogi, John NS, who has nicknamed me "Futz." He calls me that because he has come to know that if he sees me at a particular time of day, in the chat room, chances are I'm avoiding my workout by finding something else to do. He regularly calls me on it, asking how my workout is going and then kicking me out of the room if I say "Uh, not done yet." It's awesome and much appreciated.

On the flip side, the rewards of being someone's accountability partner are plentiful. Mark has days where he's hell bent on doing every single DDP Yoga workout, and other days where he pushes too hard and suddenly all goes flat. When that happens, I remind him that he finished the workout, it's past, and there's another one tomorrow. Being supportive feels good. It feels like I'm giving back. It's a good feeling.

I think accountability is critical on a program like DDP Yoga, because it's way too easy to let it become a chore, and it's way to easy to find something else to do. So, if you are doing DDP Yoga and you don't have an accountability partner, find one! Go to the Team DDP Yoga site and post in the forums or visit the chat room and ask. Someone is bound to be in the same boat as you, whether they know it or not!

Own your life and make it a great day!