Wednesday, January 29

a work of heart and art

There comes a point in every artist's explorations where you want to try a new technique or you want to spend time uninterrupted, in an environment that isn't your home, with people, instead of in the vacuum of your own space. Really There does.

Well for me, there does.

I have a friend, Andrea Chebeleau, who owns "A Work of Heart." A Work of Heart is a fabulous, amazing little art studio in Willow Glen.  You can go there and rent space by the hour, and work on anything! You can take classes there to learn new techniques, and you can even get one-on-one mentoring from Andrea on techniques. It is the best place. 

Last summer, I had a well known artist friend come to spend the day with me. After arranging time in the studio with Andrea, I surprised my friend with the studio time. I kid you not when I say that she stood in the middle and said "Whoa. Wow. Really? All for me? I can... I can create just for me? Not for someone else? I can play?" My heart sang when I heard this, because, clearly, I had given my friend a precious gift. She had unfettered creating time, with no boundaries or deadlines. Imagine how excited she must have been!  We only stayed a few hours but it was peaceful, quiet, relaxing and centering time, with two artists, in a studio, surrounded by every art supply you could imagine, creating. These words were "leftovers" from a projec that Andrea teaches, and I just was struck at how gorgeous they were, just sitting there. This is the LEFTOVERS! You should see the actual project! (no, I didn't take a photo, I feel weird taking photos of art in someone's business!)

I'm telling you this because I am starting to realize that places like A Work of Heart need us. We need to go to them on a regular basis, find time, make time, and create there. I learn new things every time I go there, and I see new projects that I want to make and new techniques that I want to try. It is so cool! Besides that, it's always awesome to support local businesses and other crafters! It makes me feel good to go there and support Andrea. I don't get there enough, to be honest, because I'm too busy, but I'm going to make it a priority to get there more this year! If you want to join me, drop me a note, or let Andrea know and she'll get us hooked up on a day! 

Do you have a studio in your neighborhood or town? If not, do you need to even allocate time to spend in your own studio? How about inviting a friend over to try something new? Hmmm? Give it a try. You might love what happens.