Monday, June 10

who blessed me today...

Today was Monday. I went into it with a good attitude, telling a dear friend all the reasons this was going to be a good Monday, but I underestimated. It was a great Monday!

I'm home from work, and tired, but it was an awesome day.  My friend Melody Ross is doing a challenge with a question a day. Today's is "who blessed you today". Here's mine.
2- who blessed my life
Today was an awesome day. First, I was late. Instead of stressing like I usually would, I just shrugged and went in. (what was late to me was still half an hour earlier than most everyone else!) Got to work, had a 2 hour meeting where I felt confident and comfortable and knew my stuff. Finished and was thanked by two of the participants because they felt my expertise made things happen more quickly than if I had not been there. Happy.  Around 4:45 I got a text from my son who had an interview at a new company saying he got the job. All around? Awesome day. I was blessed by the co-workers who thanked me and by a son who is taking the values we taught him and making successes out of life with them. I'm also blessed by Melody Ross, because she's making me stop and think about things like "who blessed my life today".