Sunday, October 14

beach musings and art abandonment

It's funny. I used to be a blogger who spent all my time blogging. I blogged about anything and everything, whether it was interesting, had any purpose or was just a page of words. Since I took Soul Restoration and other Melody Ross classes, and since I went to Brave Girls' Camp, I've noticed that blogging is no longer really an outlet. I'm more intent on expressing myself through art than I am through words on a blog.

This weekend, I have had the delightful and much, much appreciated company of several very kind women who I met on the web. I am 3000 miles from home, in Lavallette, New Jersey, in a gorgeous house on the beach. At the moment, I am siting on the sun porch, watching people "walk the boards" (walking on the boardwalk...) It is stunning here. If you get really quiet, you can hear the ocean over the dunes. If you walk 50 feet, you can SEE the ocean, and dig your toes into the sand. Life is good.

Wednesday evening I took a redeye into Philadelphia, where I waited at baggage claim for 3 hours for the others to arrive. I had planned to nap, but was a wee bit too excited for that, so I dug out my laptop, perused facebook, and ultimately, wrote a chapter in my long stagnant novel. Thus started the art.

Lisa walked into the terminal first. It was exciting to finally meet her! She and I have been friends on a Yahoo group for at least 5 years I think. I never dreamed we would meet in person, and to be honest, I was feeling a bit quiet and shy when we finally met.

When Lisa, Barb, and I were finally together, Barb graciously drove us all the way to the very tippy end of New Jersey, to Cape May. Cape May was "the place" to vacation in the 70's, if you didn't go to Wildwood. I can't tell you how many times I walked the beach in that photo below, looking for "Cape May diamonds" and walking to the lighthouse.

When I lived in New Jersey, my parents were friends with the owner of a boarding house (now a beautiful bed and breakfast) called Carroll Villa. Barb and Lisa, sweethearts that they are, walked with me, as I took photos of different places and things I remembered in Cape May. It was pretty amazing, and beyond my wildest dream that Cape May could still be the beautiful and charming community that I remembered. We had a fabulous lunch at The Lobster House, then made our way to Lavallette, annoying Lisa's GPS at every opportunity. :)

Meeting Sandi was a joyous moment. We've chatted online for over a year about art. It was SO SO incredible to finally meet this sweet woman, whose friends graciously allowed me to intrude on their weekend away together.

Friday morning I woke up here in this beautiful place, and we started creating. I was tentative at first. I usually create very much alone. Soon, however, I was flinging colors in wild abandon, along with Sandi and Donna. It's been a unique and memorable experience I will never, ever forget.  These ladies all have special gifts and talents. Mary Kay made us a dinner that was to die for, Lisa's sense of humor and common sense :) keep us all on our toes, and Barb is simply a light that shines so brightly. Donna of course is quirky and Sandi is just... Sandi.

Friday evening's sunset was to die for. Donna and I had a great time on the beach and the boardwalk with our cameras. This was my favorite shot. The clouds were incredible, and I realized just how different the Atlantic ocean is from the Pacific. I also realized that I adore the Atlantic ocean MUCH more than the Pacific....  It is just so peaceful, calm, and beautiful. Yep, I know, there are storms, there is snow, etc. but it is still stunning and I still miss it and will miss it more when I go home.

Saturday started with looking at Pinterest and seeing a canvas that launched a rush of inspiration for me. The canvas below is the result. I am head over heels in love with it. Some of the papers are scrapbook paper, but others are from a Cape May Visitor's Guide that we picked up.

While I was creating, I watched Sandi, who was creating these little tidbits of lovely art... I finally asked her what she was doing and learned it was something called "Art Abandonment." She was creating little pieces that she would leave on a bench or somewhere else at the beach, for someone to find and enjoy. She created two yesterday and when we went back and checked, both were gone.

So, because I had to copy, :), I created a few pieces that I'm going to put out today! I'll share them in my next post as I put them out... For right now, I need to shower and get dressed! Holy cow, it's 10:30 already!