Tuesday, April 19

Creativity Bootcamp Day 2 - Flow

We were on the road for most of today, so there wasn't a lot of creativity going on, but once I got home and unpacked, I settled in for my usual hour and did some work on this. Yesterday's word was "flow" and it really fits where I am right now. I did not do a lot of fancy stuff for this page, just too tired, but I wanted to not fall behind, so I let my heart and hands lead and just "did."

Here is the first page. The class materials have a couple of quotes everyday. Yesterday, this one spoke to me, so I journaled it. I am really trying to just enjoy my medium and let it drive, rather than trying to tell the page where I want it to go. I am hoping that this will lead to more artistic discovery and interesting results. I am also determined to try to use colors that are "outside my comfort zone" and I think I did that with this page. The last bit I added turned out to be my very favorite part, the bright orange page outline on the left side. It just sings in person. :)

For the second page, since the prompt was flow, I had many thoughts, but finally decided to just go with whatever my hands did. I knew I wanted the word flow and I thought my handwriting, stretched out, might be just perfect. I am extremely happy with how this turned out. In my first thought, I wanted to have a waterfall and the words flowing down it, and green hills around it, and and... yea, you get the picture. I decided that might be just a bit beyond my skills for last night, so I stopped and tried to just let my hands lead with the water color crayons. Since I had used blue for the letters, I decided to keep the calm feeling and go with greens, but with a touch of brown every once in a while. I think it's a pretty classic color combination and I'm really pleased with my results.

Overall? Bootcamp is going really well, and I am feeling good about it. :) I'm having a blast with the "direction" and trying to keep my thoughts clean and clear and focused while working on this project.

~Make it a great day!