Sunday, April 17

Creativity Bootcamp-Day 1

This year really does seem to be part of a rebirth, and coming out of my artistic shell and really trying to stretch my skills and wings, while listening to my soul. I'm getting really excited, because it seems like more and more often, the "things" I see in my head translate fairly well to paper, which isn't always easy!

A group of friends from the Soul Restoration class I took earlier this year, have banded together, and we are doing a Creativity Bootcamp. Today is Day 1. I had to write a letter to myself, which I did, but am not sharing. There were also a couple of quotes provided, one of which really spoke to me, and ended up on a page in my journal.

"Wisdom begins in wonder. Be as you wish to seem."  -Socrates.

For this page, I used my watercolor pencils and a black sharpie.

In the next segment, we were given a word prompt and told to "do." The word was SCARLET. I immediately thought of red poppies, which are one of my favorite flowers, but I was also feeling like I wanted the word in the journal, so I did this page.
In person, the word scarlet is much brighter. I dug out my Stampin' Up watercolor crayons (Earth Elements) and my Staedler water color crayons, and used those for this page, along with an aqua brush. I really love how the page turned out, and think it's a great start.

So for the last part, I decided to be brave and tackle those red poppies. I started out on a spare page, and did a rough sketch of one using a sharpie. I don't actually have a pencil handy, as I'm visiting family for the weekend, and didn't want to ask, so I decided to push on and work with what I have, because, ultimately, that's how I think it's all supposed to work! I'm trying to focus more on the process than on the tools, personally.

Here's my last page for today, my scarlet poppy page. This was done with watercolor crayons as the above was, but I did the light blue background with cake watercolor, because I wanted a more dreamy effect. I think it ended up looking a little like stained glass, and I am happy with that! I decided I wanted a quote added to the page, so I did a bit of research and found "Truth and roses have thorns about them." ~Henry David Thoreau

So that's my progress for day 1. I hope you enjoy looking at my work. I am sure having fun creating, and that's what counts. During the week, with work, my pages and posts may be a bit more sparce, but I"ll try to keep consistent.

~Make it a great day!