Tuesday, January 11

Let the soul restoration begin....

Sometimes, you just have to leap.

Today was the first day of Soul Restoration. We started at 11:11 (and today is 1/11/11!) it has been a roller coaster day, let me tell you. So far, the materials are all fabulously amazing!! The course is so well thought out and so well put together. Melody is an amazing woman, I cannot believe how much substance she has put into this. It is incredible!

I have started writing again, just short bits, based on her journal prompts, and I have to say, I have a different perspective and different life goals than I had in November, and It's all good!

My project album is made of canvas.... Tomorrow I will work on the cover. I am fretting today over messing it up. Totally silly. I need to trust myself! Worst case? I mess it up and end up painting it black and adding tons of glitter. It will be elegant and unique, right?

Make it a great day and don't ask me details, because I might tell you something you really don't want to hear!! LOL (my guard is down, my heart is open, and my filters are off... It's a brave new world...)

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