Monday, December 20

O Christmas Tree....

Last week I blogged about my word for 2010 and about the canvas I made, back in January, using my word. While stalking on Facebook (come on, you know that's what it is, all that flitting around reading things... lol), I stumbled on directions to make the most beautiful canvas of a Christmas tree. I'm still kind of struggling with the whole canvas thing, and I thought the tree was just delightful, so I decided to have at it.

I had my doubts, as I was putting it together, but I pushed them aside, and I continued on. When I was done, I had the canvas you see to the right. I am absolutely head over heels for it. It isn't exactly like the one created by the tutorial writer, Christy Campbell Tomlinson, but it is mine, and I made it and I adore it. Here is the tutorial, in case you want to try your hand at this. I am dying to make another one. I think I have to wait a bit, because I really want to keep going on my Christmas journal, but maybe I'll do both!

Two more days of work, today and Tuesday, and I'm off until after New Year's. It has been an astounding year at work, but I'm happy to have a break and really looking forward to being home for many days in a row! I love our shutdown, because I can just bask in the goodness of being home.

~Have a fabulous Monday!