Tuesday, December 14

JYC Update

I haven't stopped journaling, I've just not uploaded the pages I've completed... I'll get caught up soon. I want to be sure I have a complete digital set this year.

There are some prompts that come up each year where I just kind of think "Huh." and don't want to do them, so this year, I'm substituting in some pages that I've never done and really want to add in on a regular basis. For instance, I'm going to do a Prices Right Now page. (I don't like that name, pithy and cute substitutes that are more holiday-ish are welcome. So far I have gas, milk, and greeting cards. What else should I add? Postage? Things that are everyday that change (and have changed!) over the years. Won't that be fun to look back on in 50 years?

We have a music prompt, so I'm good with that. This year, I'm really into Straight No Chaser (their 12 days of Christmas is the best, short of the Muppets!) and the Cast of Glee (specifically Deck the Rooftop)... I'm sure there's more, I'll have to look back on what I've added to my Christmas playlist this season. :)

Anyhow, I was sick for much of the weekend. I did get my pink tree up and decorated. It's gracing our room known as the dining room except during JYC this year, where I've taken over! Oh yes, and that's another page I'm adding this year. I took a photo of the table, completely covered with all of my supplies and stuff. Yea! Capture the mess, er, creativity. :)

Very happy with my JYC this year, except that I'm still waffling about the cover. I'll get it figured out.

~ Have a merry and bright day! Christmas is getting close, I'm getting really excited for my family to open all of the fun items I've found for them this year!!!