Monday, November 8

U-Verse, are U Kidding Me?

Several months ago, we went to the AT & T store for something cell phone related. Somehow, we got sucked into U-verse. It seemed like a good idea at the time, and it saved us a significant amount of money. One of the CRITICAL things I asked about (and how we picked the plan we picked) was HGTV, DIY Network, FOOD network. Yes, yes, of course those are included. Great.

So we gave up our trusty, reliable, and fabulous DirecTV and went with U-Verse. In fact, things were going so well that a couple of months ago, I let my son take down the DirecTV dish, thinking we were finished.

It rained this weekend. So, I decided I'd settle in for an evening of HGTV/DIY/FOOD goodness. Imagine my surprise when I could not find any of these stations. We no longer GET them.

I'm NOT a happy girl. I want these back or else I want my DirecTV back. This is NOT right and NOT what I signed up for!!! Ugh! I'm SO tired of changes like this. Why can't everyone just get along? I don't *care* that AT&T is having some kind of dispute with these channels, take care of it and give me back my channels. I don't LIKE 90% of the other channels we get, so this is kind of critical for me!

Disclaimer: This post is in no way a reflection on my wonderful husband, who I am sure tried to warn me that we were losing these channels like last weekend or the weekend before.

-Signed, One UNHAPPY customer