Monday, August 7

Shift Shop Results!!! What's Next?

Some of you might know that I've been doing Beachbody on Demand workouts for about 45 days now. In fact, I just finished a 21 day Shift Shop group. It was insane, intense, and amazing all rolled into one! I am SO excited about it, in fact, that I signed up to be a BeachBody Coach AND I'm doing Round 2 starting today!!!

Here are my results:

In THREE weeks, I lost 6.5 inches and 5.9 lbs!!!  I'm SO stoked. I feel fantastic too! I'm eating clean (still Weight Watchers as well as gluten and dairy free), and drinking soooo much water! I've had to fold in Hydrate (Beachbody makes a reasonably priced one that I love too! WIN!) because my electrolyte levels were getting messed up from the heat and workouts, but that's been my only glitch.

For me, the biggest trick is MODIFY. Do not be afraid to do what YOU can. Make it work for you. There are times where the instructor will do something and I think "Yea, that's just a suggestion." and I totally do something else. I STILL got ALL that weight gone!!

Onward to stage 2 of Shift Shop tomorrow!!! 

If you want to join in, CLICK HERE, and send me a message so we can get you into our challenge group!

Have a fantastic Monday!