Friday, May 2

April Wrap-up, DDP Yoga and More.

It's been a pretty amazing week for me, DDP Yoga wise. (and otherwise, but that's for later!)
On Monday, after a solid month of hard work and determination, both on my part and on the part of my accountability partner, for hanging in there with me, I finally did solid, no knee pushups. It's been a really long time coming - like almost a year! You can see the video below.

For the month of April, my workout stats are pretty darn impressive. I'm really proud of myself.  I had 3 days where I did not do any kind of workout, and 5 days where I did my pushups and planks, but did not do DDP Yoga. I'm feeling great! I'm stronger and when I do workouts, I can definitely feel a difference. Now to carry that on through the month of May.

April also included a really fun video blog with my accountability partner. You can see it here.

For May, my challenge is going to be to get off my knee ALL the time in lunges. I tend to favor the problematic heel and go down on a knee. I did Below the Belt last night, and managed to do most of it without going to a knee, but it wasn't easy. Hopefully I will continue to improve as the month goes on, while still working on that pushup! I am also working on making the "up" part of my catchers cleaner. Right now, I still struggle to get up, and by the last one, I feel like I'm a hot mess.

As far as my weight and measurements, they have stayed the same for the last month, but my face looks thinner, and other areas of my body look different, so I'm thinking there will be a "story" coming soon, if I stick to my guns and stay on course. Here's a quick selfie I took yesterday so you can see what I mean.

Foodwise, I've been really examining my food to see where I can make improvements. Eating out less with the family for sure, and making plant based choices more often. I've upped my protein, (with Mark's insistence, because I was having so much muscle soreness at the start of the month), and have a protein shake most days as a mid morning snack. If I do a really crazy hard workout, I may have a second one after the workout. I make them with almond milk and my favorite plant based protein power Raw Protein by Garden of Life.

That's my monthly wrap up. Getting close to a year! Thanks for sticking with me on my great journey! I'm enjoying every second!