Monday, March 31

DDPYoga Update - Ramped up and Amped up!

This DDP Yoga thing, I'm telling you, there's nothing like it! Last week was a realy incredible week for me. As I've mentioned, I've gone a bit more slowly since November, when the holidays and commitments hit, and I hurt my shoulder. My foot has been acting up too, so I have been kind of a gimp but trying to keep up at least a bit.
Last week, everything got shifted. I might have mentioned that my accountability partner signed up to certify as a DDP Yoga instructor. Naturally, being the supportive accountability partner that I am, I offered to be his guinea pig for training. On Monday evening, we had our first Skype training session. It was amazing! My heart rate didn't behave, which was humorous. Working with Mark on Skype versus chatting on Facebook is a bit different, and apparently, I care about how my workout is looking more than I should. (It scares me to think what would happen if I ever worked out with DDP! LOL) So, he went over things, I safety zoned (a LOT), he checked out how I was doing some moves, made some adjustments, it was a great session.
On Tuesday, I was sore. I decided to take a rest day.
Wednesday, we worked out again. Again with more adjustments, more discussion on things, a LOT of safety zones (me not him). I burned 500 calories, he burned 400, it was a great session again!
Thursday I did Fat Burner. I needed to work the kinks out from the hard work of the previous two workouts plus I was curious to see how I did on my own. (and I was trying to figure out what was wrong with my heart rate monitor (its fine, it's Mark).
Friday I did Fat Burner again, because I knew I was getting a massage on Saturday and wanted to get one more workout in beforehand.
Saturday when I got the massage, the first thing Troy (masseuse) said was, "hmmm, your arms and upper back look different, good, but different, you did something different." YES! The changes Mark suggested are already starting to come through and my arms and shoulders feel different.  I left psyched and feeling great.
Sunday I did Diamond Cutter. It was awesome. Sure, there are a TON of modifications I have to make but frankly, who cares. Some of those moves are really hard, dang it. (I fell over in chicken wing. lol literally, onto my forehead, in slow motion, even. it was fun!)
If your accountability partner is long distance and suggests working out together on Skype, Go for it! Do it! You'll be glad you did. If you don't have an accountability partner, GET one! Everyone should have a go-to person to get guidance from. I was really shocked that my down dogs weren't quite right! Who knew? I am grateful that I have an accountability partner, and hope I'm able to pay it forward at some point by being as good an accountability partner for someone else.
Coming next week, I think I'll update photos. Been a while. :)
Make it a great week!