Friday, December 20

around our house... Christmas decor this year...

Most years our house looks the same at Christmas. We pull out the same decorations and put them up, over and over. This year, however, I was not in "the mood" to use all of our normal decorations, and we had company coming pretty quickly after we usually set things up, so we decorated a bit differently and I am pretty happy with the sparkle through the house!

First, our tree.
A couple of years ago, Steven and I splurged on this amazing tree. It has white AND colored LED lights. They are controlled separately and you can make the tree do pretty amazing light things. On top of that, the tree rotates. WIN! So the only issue. :) You knew there was one, right? I haven't been able to figure out how to get a lit topper on the tree. Our usual lit toppers won't work because their cords get tangled up or don't reach where the plug comes up through the tree. When we take it down this year, I am going to try to make a concerted effort to figure out a way to fix this. Until then, I took the photo without the top of the tree!  

Next up, my pink tree. I haven't taken a photo of the entire pink tree yet, but here's what I have taken. I LOVE my pink tree. 
I have a special set of ornaments and garlands that go on the pink tree. White, pink, crystal, silver and gold.  Nothing else. I adore how this tree glows. I really do. Maybe I'll do another post about it. :)

Last but not least, for today, our mantle. Yes, it kind of does glow. The lights are a set of very strange, heavily wired lights that we bought at Costco a few years back. This year, Steven added a stuffed Santa that I have never seen before, and we added our favorite fireplace screen and the stockings that I made us 4 years ago. I love our mantle!

Probably enough for today. It is getting late and I have a few other things to take care of but I wanted to share some Christmas cheer!