Sunday, March 27

Sunday Checkin

I haven't posted in a while, sorry about that, but I haven't been online as much because I have been completely consumed with creating things!

Last weekend, I set out to create a canvas for my dearest friend's daughter who is expecting her first child. This is what I ended up with.

The canvas is huge, 12 x 24! I used all of the collating and mixed media skills I have been learning on this one, let me tell you!! Tons od papers, stamping, Rubons, acrylic paints, India ink pens and markers. There is also a lot of doodling, the kind where if you look at this canvas long enough you will find little messages to the baby and parents. :-) this truly was a labor of love!! I am hoping to send it down with my husband, because he is planning to visit his folks pretty soon, but since that keeps getting postponed I may have to ship it.

A few weeks ago, I created this weird little art journal where you start with a 22x30 piece of watercolor paper and cut it and fold it and then sew it together, bookbinding fashion, to get a journal. I have been steadily adding to it... Very slowly. This was my first page.

It was inspired by a video that had a row of houses, which turned out to be an inspiration of a stamp of a row of houses. Mine looks nothing like theirs. LOL mine has way more houses, and the background is completely different. I want to do another version, on canvas, using book pages for the houses to add more dimension. This one is straight white gesso and acrylic paint. I think I dripped some watercolor paint down the tup too. I adore it. My husband uses the word "interesting." LOL

The next page in the album is this one.

This page makes me smile!! I used book pages, water colors, acrylics, pens, I doodled, and even distressed the page edges with ink. It is so pretty in person!!

This weekend, I decided to take it out and do another page.

The original page was a brilliant green. I added layers of glimmer mist, Radiant Pearls, paper flowers, acrylic paint, stamps, white wash, rhinestone designs, and more. It was crazy fun!!!! I love the quote too!!

I am almost done with the cover too, but I think that's another post.

Thanks for joining my crazy art journey. Notice I am calling it art now. I have decided that I am an artist, and I am toting with pursuing it more definitively.

I will be back tomorrow with a special canvas, and a special post!!!

Have a delightful and relaxing Sunday!