Monday, March 7

More She Art

I have had the most amazing time this week working on "She Art" for Christy Tomlinson's class. I knew it would be enjoyable, but I had no idea that it would be like eating popcorn! I just keep creating more and more!! What fun!!

The little redhead on the right is my second canvas. She is for my friend Mary Ann's granddaughter, who is soon to be 2.  it says "Her adventure was just starting."

Next I did this little canvas. This girl has it all going on. She's got cute braids, a cute little outfit and I totally love how she turned out. For this background, I started with a pattern piece, but I embellished and junked it up so much that you can't hardly tell! I'm learning as I go, and loving every minute of the journey.

I've got a couple more canvases I'm working on, trying out new techniques for backgrounds. Yesterday, I did some work with alcohol inks, which was interesting and made for very dark and intense backgrounds, so I'll need to work on those some, but it's all good and fun!

Today there are new lessons up, so I'll have to watch and learn!

In other news, I'll be posting later, but we are most likely losing our Starr today. She is over 15, a black lab, and the best dog ever, but she can barely walk, and has decided that she's done eating. It's time, and we have a vet appointment at 5. Please keep my family in your thoughts today. It's a difficult day for all, remembering all of our good times with this amazing girl. Her full name is and has always been, since we met her "Starr Baby Doodledog Radecki." Best. dog. ever. I will dedicate a post to her, maybe tomorrow.... right now, I need to keep my face tear free, as I have to do some training for about 30 people after lunch and think they'd probably prefer that I not look like I've been crying all day. :) sniff.

Enjoy your day, I'll be back. Love to all.