Friday, March 11

Friday Musings....

Every morning, I wake up between 5 and 5:30 to start my day. I'm usually out of the house by 6:05 or so and at my desk by 6:40. I  *never* go online or pick up my ipad (which lives on my nightstand) when I first wake up. However, today, my (wonderful) husband and I carpooled, and it was Friday, so I felt like I had a few extra minutes. I opened my ipad to see if my friend Chuck had made his play on Words With Friends (my first game, even, ohmygosh, I love it!), and he hadn't (considering he's on the East Coast, I wasn't surprised, but... LOL). Then, I quickly clicked on Facebook, because, well, the ipad was on. I had several messages from my friend Holly, telling me that there had been a huge earthquake in Japan, Tsunami's, etc. Wait, what? Yea, I was awake at this point!

I started calling to Steven and trying to turn the tv on. We have uverse, it took me a couple of tries with a couple of remotes, what can I say. Only to be almost blasted by the big red Emergency warning on the bottom of the screen. Whoa. Really? Wow. Tsunami warning. Mind you, I live 26 miles inland, over the Santa Cruz Mountains, so we're fine, but, wow.

My heart goes out to the people of Japan, and to all those around the world being affected by the earthquake and ensuing oceanic events. This is huge.

Please take care of each other and love each other. Life is short and extremely fragile. <3