Wednesday, December 1

December 1

Today is the start of one of my favorite holiday traditions, Journal Your Christmas, a class from I love these journals! They are such treasures, and it is so much fun to put them together and reflect on our holiday traditions.

This year, I'm going to be using a different format from previous years, but I will let that unfold on its own.

Here is the first page. It's called a "Manifesto" and it's pretty much my commitment to do the journal. I have created a card with an area for hidden personal journaling that I'll add in a bit.

I actually created the background for the page by weaving together half inch strips of various different Christmas papers that I have collected and used in previous JYC journals, as well as a few that will be used in this year's. The little bird in the lower right corner represents my quest to free myself, this year, to be much more free and creative, exploring more and more, and delving into new things. 

So very excited to start this journey this year!