Tuesday, October 12

Reading... really.

Since I was a little kid, I have loved to read. Growing up, I read anything and everything that wasn't locked up, tied down, in someone's hand, or out of reach. I worked in the library in Junior High, and read everything I could get my hands on. I got a degree in English because I got to read. Heaven. Hell. Yea, I know, I DID love it. :)

So, now, I'm 50, have a job that keeps me crazy busy, commute 30 miles each way, and am exhausted by the time the day is done. When do I read? Well, for a while, I wasn't. I was alarmed by my complete and utter lack of interest in reading, but figured I'd just go with it and it would come back.

It has!!!  With a vengeance. I'm on this incredibly tight deadline at work, so this past week, amongst writing 4 different books, I read 4 books! Yea!

1. Rework - I read this book because I was told it was great. It was. This is not a "fun" book, it is a book about business stuff, and I swear to you, I read it in 2 evenings. It was fantastic, and I loved it. It was written by the guys who created Ruby on Rails.

2. The Art of Dancing in the Rain - OMG. Life lessons, words to live by, a story to put a tear in your eye. I adored this book. Positively adored it. Not telling you more, go read it.

3. The Lost Summer of Louisa May Alcott - Seriously. I am the original Louisa May Alcott fan, so when I saw this title, I didn't have any choice. Again, adored it. It's a fictional story about Miss Alcott, based loosely on her biographies. I learned that she burned many of her notes and mail. She was that private. Wow.

4. I can't remember which it was, but again, it was great. Elizabeth Adler has this knack. Her formula is such that I learn a lot about the places she writes about and I yearn to travel while reading the stories. I love the feeling that I'm there with the characters. Always have time for some of her books. :) 

On the weight loss front, I'm in love with Nutrisystem. I've lost 16.5 pounds. Wow. I'm not even working at it, I swear! I eat my food, I sleep, I drink lots of water, walk some, and the weight falls off. How much better could it get?

That's my catch up for now. My friend Holly is doing this bloggin' thing. I guess I better get my own blog on and keep posting, huh?

A couple of weekends back, I went to Monterey with my camera and my friend Lyn. First road trip in the Mustang. Lots of photos, I'll share soon. (I need a bit of time to get them processed, and I'm SO tired of being on the computer by evening... with the deadline. but soon. I promise!)

-Make it a fabulous day and read a good book! (or a bad one, whatever, just read!)