Tuesday, July 6

Tuesday tidings

Getting back into the swing of work. Exciting morning, I found out at 7:45 that I was going to be facilitating the team staff meeting this week. Not a problem, except that when I got there, the passcode I was given didn't work, the backup passcode I was given didn't work, my laptop was at my desk, my calling card was at my desk, my pen was at my desk, the conference room was halfway across the building. . . need I go on? 7 minutes, 12 emails, 8 trips to my desk, and 6 call-in's later, got the meeting going. Successful and done. Yes. Life is good.

Yesterday I took a few photos in the garden. They didn't come out great, but this one is kind of ok. It's my red bell pepper plant. Note that it has TWO peppers growing on it! Go me. They look kind of weird, but I'm hopeful that they will still taste yummy when they are red. :D I also took a photo of my single beefsteak tomato, but can't seem to get it uploaded, so I guess that's for another day. The third garden photo was of a patio tomato plant that I bought because I felt sorry for it. It is the UGLIEST tomato plant I've ever seen. I swear it was started on a lower shelf, and not moved for weeks, by which time it was all bent over permanently. It's a strange looking plant, but it's growing TONS of tomatoes, so I'm forgiving it. :)

Lastly, I have been taking photos to document my art journal journey, so I'll share a recent page that I did. I'm keeping 2 journals, right now. The first is a handmade journal with these cool water color deckle edged pages. I paint and color and stuff in that one. The second is a sketch book, and I mostly am doing alcohol ink and Sharpie drawings in there, freehand. I'm trying to force myself to trust myself to draw. I really am pleased with my progress, so far! I drew this myself, and added a Melody Ross sticker to the top left, then had more fun on the right with a white Sharpie paint pen.

This journal thing is pretty cool. I'm starting to relax and let myself enjoy it finally, which is good. Now if I could just get myself to try making a canvas.

~ follow your bliss, it knows the way.